Mission Statement:

“Zero Waste MENA” is a regional initiative whose primary goal is to facilitate and enable the elimination of waste in the Middle East & North Africa Region (MENA).

ZW MENA objectives:

To promote the principles of waste avoidance and minimization, as well as re-using and recycling through sustainable resource management in accordance with the most appropriate environmental options.

To promote the concept of zero waste through educational campaigns which raise awareness.

To design social programs which incentivise local communities and the wider public to advocate zero waste plans.

To support and fund relevant research into zero waste methods for public benefit, including education.

To establish and facilitate research activities and information sharing that contributes to achieving zero waste.

What we do?

ZW MENA aims to create zero waste societies in the MENA region. ZW MENA team includes qualified professionals and experts from various disciplines. We work closely with governments, the private sector, and NGOs covering various disciplines to ensure strategic planning and effective actions to achieve our objectives. ZW MENA’s projects are categorized into the following groups:

Research & knowledge hub

Professional development &training

Technical assistance

Community engagement & public awareness (CEPA)

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