Our Family

Zero Waste MENA team

Dr Ramy Salemdeeb

Managing Director

Nationality: Palestinian

Dr Salemdeeb is the founder and managing director of Zero Waste MENA. He works alongside other executive team members to ensure a rapid growth of this initiative in the regional waste and resource management arena.

Ramy is a Cambridge engineer (PhD) with rich and diverse experience of providing technical advice on resource efficiency, climate change, sustainability, and of understanding environmental and techno-economic modelling in support of policy development and strategic planning.

Nour Kanso

Head of Communications

Nationality: Lebanese

Nour is responsible for handling ZWMENA’s public image, serving as the communications lead. She handles the Facebook. LinkedIn, & Twitter pages as to promote the image of the Zero Waste MENA and spread environmental awareness throughout the social media.

Nour works as an Environmental Consultant in the private sector. She holds a Masters in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London specializing in environmental analysis and assessment.

Youssef Tazi

Head of Business Development

Nationality: Moroccan

Youssef is responsible for networking with professionals in the waste management field and bringing business opportunities such as projects, initiatives, and events that could help spread the message of the Zero Waste MENA.

In his daytime, Mr Tazi works as a business developer in the waste to energy industry focusing in biogas upgrading. He holds a Masters of science in energy engineering with a parallel training in strategy in finance from Ecole Centrale Paris, and an engineering exchange in sustainable energy and environment from Cambridge University.

Zakareya Baicha

Head of Research

Nationality: Moroccan

Zakareya is responsible for the researching any zero waste initiatives being held across the MENA region and providing the necessary information and facts to grow the Zero Waste MENA Library.

Zakareya is an environmental consultant with the German cooperation for development in a project about creating jobs from sustainable sanitation for rural areas in Morocco. Previously he has been working in Tunisia with the Regional network for integrated waste management in the MENA region (SWEEP-Net).