ZW MENA Library

ZW MENA Library

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Project Objectives:

- To provide access to relevant, high quality international research publications in electronic formats to researchers within the waste management field.

- To create an attractive dedicated website with links to online resources, and a feedback form allowing researchers to comment on and amend descriptions;

- To develop and strengthen the skills and capacities of researchers and students in order that they can easily access wide range of information and researches.

- To strengthen ICTs used to support access to research information within targeted countries, waste streams, category of Publications.

- To strengthen the national research output publication mechanisms of journals and online publications systems.

- Raise the profile of the ZW MENA collections internationally.


A large amount of information is already available in computer-based form but is not easily accessible; therefore, relatively little use is made of it. Unless one already knows how to access such information, it may not be obvious even how to get started. Exploring databases for new information is at best a highly speculative process that is often expensive and unproductive. The ZWMENA e-Library is dedicated to the production, maintenance, collection, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of high-quality resources, research and project reports for experts, researchers, university and academic scholars and students in solid waste sector.

The project will be implemented in collaboration between ZW MENA and its partners.

This project is devoted to strengthening the access to electronic resources and scientific researches to improve research systems in the field of solid waste and to improve the services of information and documentation of the libraries within the MENA region, as well as to strengthen the national research output publication mechanisms of journals and online publications systems. Generally, e-Library is seen as playing a vital role in underpinning world-class research and is integral to the transformation of teaching and learning.


1. New research opportunities and greater awareness of waste management researches.

3. New partnerships with academic communities and institutions.

4. Enhanced skills and experience of digitisation and project management will benefit future activities in this area.

5. Fulfilment of the Library’s and ZW MENA Strategic Goals.

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