ZW MENA Advocacy Group

ZW MENA Youth Advocacy Group (YAG)

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Project Objectives:

  • Promote recycling among young generation using social media.
  • The engagement of public to advocate for Zero Waste societies.

Project overview:

In the new era of the accelerated media and information technology, Social media has been established as an attractive platform for Arab young generations to express their feelings and thoughts. The project aims at engaging various stakeholders (e.g. students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs) in a regional e-campaign to promote recycling and its benefits on our societies. A dedicated blog will be launched to publish participants’ thoughts/articles/success stories related to their activities to reduce waste and recycle refuse. It will provide a personalised and interacted environment for our members in order to create an effective and exciting learning environment for all members. The project will support members to launch their own online campaigns (e.g. food waste campaign, 3R campaign, Green university campaign etc.). Zero Waste MENA will provide participants with all the technical support to kick off their advocacy campaigns. Project's outputs include online photos-galleries, YouTube videos and e-posters. In addition to that, each group will have a chance to submit articles, comments, and news to be published in ZW MENA official blog. The project does not necessarily have to be limited to the above-mentioned stakeholders. In fact, private sector will be encouraged to be part of the project and create new channels to communicate with public and advocate for better environment and investment opportunities in this sector.

If you have any comments/suggestions or you want to be involved in this project, please drop us email at info[at]

Together..let's redefine waste..