ZW MENA is established to help local authorities and municipalities to deliver their targets. ZW MENA team includes qualified professionals and experts from various disciplines. ZW MENA team is willing to help you to achieve your goal. ZW MENA is a non-profit organization. We offer most of our services free of charge.

Selection of ZW MENA activities include;

  • Research & publications,
  • Training
  • Organize campaigns,
  • Organize conferences and workshops,
  • Lobbying,
  • Consultancy services, and
  • Strategy development and analysis.

We invite all governmental/non-governmental organizations to be part of ZW MENA and get all the benefit of our services. Professionals and experts are also welcomed to be part of ZW MENA so that they can contribute positively to their communities. (Go to membership page)

For further information about our services and how we can support you to create a better community, email us at info[at]